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A festival of Knobs, Buttons and Discussions over 4 warehouse rooms in the heart of Bristol.

Machina Bristronica is back for 2020. Better, stronger, faster. We have the technology.

A full day and evening of synthesizer stalls, panel talks, live hardware performances, DIY modular workshops, music production and performance training, radio broadcast and the Escher Music Connection showcase.

The "Old Marble Factory" space will be filled with live modular/hardware sets from 12:00 - 20:00. We've got some hot local artists from this area and special guests from further afield.

We’re hosting loads of our favourite synthesizer companies, giving them all tables to set up and show off their latest kit. Come and chat to the people behind the building of these machines and get "hands on" with their new bits of gear from 12:00 - 18:00.

Bastl, Befaco, Bubblesound, Error Instruments, Thonk, Music Thing Modular, Transient Modules and Patching Panda will be hosting a series of module build workshops. These will be a separate pre-purchased ticket where build revenue goes direct to the company and you walk away with your own fully built module at the end of the session. Further details of each workshop and the specific modules available soon. Running from 12:30 - 16:30.

we’ve lined up a handful of experienced music makers, performers and teachers to export some data on various music topics in 45 minute chunks. This years topics are Sampling, Synthesis, Integration and Visuals. Make some space on your internal data storage ready for upload from 13:00 - 18:00.

We’re setting up two couches, a coffee table, maybe a couple of ferns and a few microphones. Artists, label owners, producers, promoters; professionals from the music industry will be joining us to talk about their craft from 13:00 - 18:00.

The Escher Music Connection Showcase sees Em William’s playing a 2 hour DJ set of tunes made by Escher Music Connection group members. Come down to one of our monthly in-store Escher events hosted at Elevator Sound to submit your tracks. At the end of the set all artists who have had their tracks played will be part of a random prize draw to win goods by Novation, Allen & Heath and Bladud Flies. The showcase is running from 20:00 - 22:00.

In the Yard area 1020 Radio will be providing tunes and interviews to listen to while having a break in the sun or grabbing some food. The whole day session will be available to listen to on the 1020 Radio website and uploaded to Mixcloud for future listening.


Allen & Heath
Moog Music Inc
Joranalogue Audio Design
Erica Synths
XAOC Devices
Teenage Engineering
Schlappi Engineering
Bastl Instruments
Bubblesound Modular
Ritual Electronics
XOR Electronics
Soulsby Synthesizers
IO Instruments
DPW Design
Future Sound Systems
Damaru Cases
Lateral Sound
U.D.O Audio
Transient Modules
Patching Panda
Eurorack Barcelona
L.E.P Leploop
Error instruments
Isotonik Studios
Music Thing Modular
Soundforce Modular
Rakit Electronic Kits

DIY Workshops________

Error instruments
Music Thing Modular
Patching Panda
Transient Modules
Bastl Instruments
Bubblesound Instruments


Machina 2019 Tote Bag £9

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The Machina Education Division has reached deep into the planet and plucked some of it's finest to speak on the Discussions stage at Machina Bristronica 2020

Transfer of knowledge comes from:

12:30pm - dBs Music on 'Innovation In Education'. Innovation at dBs Music, dBs Modules and full info on courses available at dBs.

13:00pm - Monojack wrangles with the chaotic Error instruments, LepLoop and LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER into a 'CHIPCHAT' - discussing DIY, circuit bending and being a solder warlock.

14:00pm - 'Join The Future' author Matt Anniss is on hosting duties for The Past and Future of the UK Sound with expert views and experiences from Om Unit, Borai, Sophia Loizou & Hyroglifics.

15:00pm - Our legends panel for this year comes in the shape of Mute Records bossman Daniel Miller in conversation with Bristol legend Adrian Utley of Portishead fame. This one is NOT to be missed, especially with Gaz Williams hosting.

16:00pm - Putting sound to image is a new angle for us this year. We've invited Slate + Ash, Echoic Audio and Alexandra Hamilton-Ayers to talk to Chris from Pusher Music about their practise within Film, TV, Sync and licensing worlds.

17:00pm - L U C Y (SZNS7N), Chris Farrell (Idle Hands), Vega (UVB-76 Music) and Ossia (No Corner, Hotline, FuckPunk) will be sharing some tips with A Sagittariun about what now comes with running a label in 2020 and looking to release through labels as a producer.

17:50pm - Finally PRS for Music will be rounding up the day with some vital info for artists and composers about who they are and how to get paid for your work.


Escher Music Connection have been supporting the assembly of humanoid tune generators since 2015 in Bristol. Taking the form of a monthly night at Elevator Sound, Escher is a hub for producers to share tunes and get together across genres.

For Machina Bristronica 2020 we've invited attendees of Escher to pool their tunes for an über-mix, selected and mixed by em williams live at the 1020 Radio Residents area. All those selected for the mix are entered into a draw for prizes from Bladud Flies, Novation and more to come..

For details on how to get involved, message Escher Music Connection.

Check out last years mix from Hodge, recorded live at Machina 2019 with some absolute screamers from the Bristol underground here.


Deep in the belly of the Machina is the hissing of melting solder.. The engineers are mining for resistors and smelting new circuit boards for the 2020 DIY Workshops.

Eurorack Barcelona gang Transient Modules, Befaco and Patching Panda are bringing a full suitcase of killer kits. Error instruments and Bastl Instruments are our weirdos of the bunch, offering noise synths, granular sampling and touch interfaces. UK heroes Thonk will be hosting a 'Learn to Solder' begineers workshop and Tom Whitwell of Music Thing Modular has a Bristronica EXCLUSIVE TOP SECRET module, promised to be a hands-on powerhouse.

Reserve your place with these links:


In the outer reaches of Bristol the Machina is stirring. Noise makers from the furthest reaches have heard its saw-wave cries and are summoning their synthesizers for travel to the festival.

We can now proudly announce our final line up for the 'Knobs' stage, a crackling, rumbling feast of live sonics.

  • Colin Benders
  • Look Mum No Computer
  • Scanner
  • Steevio and SuzyBee
  • Daniel Miller & Finlay Shakespeare
  • Ossia
  • dmgn
  • Adrenospoon (Adrenomachine & MissterSpoon)

Data, Discussions, DIY and 1020 Radio stages to follow!


Announcing the first round of electronic music hardware designers phasing in to Bristol for March 2020.

More announcements coming up for the expanded DIY workshops, live stage, panel talks and training sessions.

Follow up on the Machina 2020 Event Page and newly formed Machina Page to feed news, discussions and data updates directly to your device and/or personal embedded microchip.


Please be aware that some of the areas being used for the event will be on the upper levels of Motion (mainly one of the interactive music installations).

Unfortunately there are only stairs up to these levels and no lifts therefore not easily accessible for wheelchair users. There will be seats available on these upper levels.

Motion's full disabled access information here.