Machina Bristronica

A festival of Knobs, Buttons and Discussions, laid out over 4 warehouse rooms and an outdoor stage in the heart of Bristol UK.

Machina Bristronica is back for 2024, and now over two days! Better, stronger, faster. We have the technology.

Join us on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of October for two days of synthesizer stalls, panel talks, live hardware performances, DIY modular workshops, music production and performance training, DJ sets and the Escher Music Connection showcase.

Tickets for both, or either, days are available from Resident Advisor HERE


Roll up, roll up! All ye wielders of the solder wand, bedroom builders and hardware hackers – we’ve got you covered at Machina Bristronica this year! Join us in the DIY AREA where you can build top notch hardware with assistance from the designers themselves. With everything from desktop noise machines to eurorack modules and tape loop workshops.


For the grand return of Machina Bristronica Live Stage we’ve left no stone unturned on this smorgasbord of expert performance patchers, sonic scientists and sound system troubadours! 

An aural, optical and haptic feast running throughout the day where wizened synth heroes intertwine with a new generation of performers, experimental systems clash with traditional hardware and audio visual alchemy is conjured before your very eyes. 

You can find everything from sparkling synthetic electro, DIY kraut-punk rhythms, subtle shifting ambient textures, cable-laden modular excursions and everything in between! 

We’ll be taking a closer look at our live artists over the course of the week so keep an eye out for more info on each set.

The Live “Buttons” Stage will be running from doors right through to the end of the day on the Saturday 22:00pm and till 19:00pm Sunday, while the main hall closes at 18:00 both days. We’ll be rolling on through till Sunday evening with some thumping headline sets. 

Full live visuals all day long from our expert team and the highest quality lighting and sound from NSL. For those who can’t make it over we’ll be streaming the full day of sets on Youtube thanks to Dan at Insect Feet!




Who better to kick off our live stage highlights than the mighty Surgeon, the constantly flickering lightbulb in the sweat-soaked basement of UK techno will be closing off Saturday night of the festival with a bang.

A quiet figurehead and tastemaker for 30 years, Surgeon’s signature blend of industrial textures, punk-sensibility and down-to-the-wire machine music ignites dancefloors across the planet utilising an ever changing, stripped back and forward thinking hardware setup.

A sonic explorer of the highest caliber, a quick dig into Surgeon’s many aliases will unlock various ambient, soundscape and drone projects from the man himself alongside beloved rough n’ tough live acts British Murder Boys (with Regis) and Trade (with Blawan).


It’s hard to think about the galaxy of electro without the vocoder-croon of Anthony Rother. Soaked in synthesizer squelch and laser-precision percussion, Rother’s live performances pull together influences of classic electro from the 80s, driving club heavy basslines and Kraftwerk-esque vocal riffs into a nebulous sound that stirs the mind and body into an undeniable rhythm.

With over 100 releases under his belt for labels such as Psi49net, Datapunk, Telekraft Recordings, Mechatronica and (one of our personal favourites) Cultivated Electronics – this is a strictly shock out set for all you cyborgs and sci-fi futurists.


A man who Alchemulator aka Bontempi 666 aka Calimex Mental Implant Corp aka Clendon Toblerone, aka Danny Blanco aka Dickie Smabers aka Gladio aka Hermit In A Rave Cave aka Jackmaster Corky aka Lords Of Midnite aka Nomad Ninja aja Polarius aka R-Zone aka Shadow Wolf aka Smackos aka Twilight Moose aka Westside Box Savants… but you may address him as Legowelt. 

A spokesperson for machine music since the dawn of time, Legowelt’s influence stretches from hiss-soaked synth pop to the rawest jackin’ house traxx, pixellated cybernetic electro, alien ambience and club cuts so wonky they can’t stand up. Armed with a synth collection to rival the gods and an encyclopedic knowledge of golden-era Casio tech he surfs the universe, spilling a techno-color wash of woozy sound in his wave.


There’s only one Look Mum No Computer. The boiler suit-ed boy wonder behind hacked hardware fables that echo around internet comment forums and in whispers at the back of the synth meet. Hushed tales of Furbies mutated into an unholy orchestra, church organs belching forth musical (and literal) flames and a hundred Game Boys wired into a wall of glorious 8-bit sound.. 

But Look Mum’ is more than just a folkloric figure to the synth community – he’s an electric bard of the highest order, summoning forth ripping synth-pop singalongs with support from his trusty Kosmo 5U super system, tried and tested in live scenarios from packed clubs to festival stages, from the beaches of the South Coast to the sprawling space of the Scottish highlands. 

From reviving ancient sound machines, bending 90s toys, writing pop bangers, car restoration, musical collaborations with Hainbach, telephone switchboard reconstruction, putting flamethrowers things, to running the incredible This Museum Is Not Obsolete (where you can find many of these madcap creations) – is there nothing the polymathmatical Look Mum No Computer can’t do?!

(We have heard he’s not great at Minesweeper, what with the lack of computer and all..)


Sitting at the centre of an intricately woven web of murky industrial dub sonics, hypnotic synth minimalism and skittering, fleet-footed techno pulses is Nik Colk Void. A true sonic shapeshifter, Nik is capable of de/reconstructing her sound from project to project, while keeping a tight grip on the techniques and approaches to performance and production that cement her as an undeniable root of the electronic underground. Preceding a masterful full length ‘Bucked Up Space’ on Editions Mego Nik has a dizzy history of musical projects, from the era-defining Factory Floor and noise-pop outfit KaitO to the iconic Carter Tutti Void linkup alongside years of her own sonic experiments, twisting live performances and aural creations.

A prolific collaborator, 2024 alone has seen Nik pair up with Alexander Tucker, Klara Lewis, MAOTIK, Ute Kanngiesser, ALM Busy Circuits, Shiva Feshareki and the late, great Peter Rehberg across all manner of experimental, audio visual and avant-garde international performances and productions. 

At Machina Bristronica 2024 we’ve got an uninterrupted hour for Nik to let loose on the system.. This is set to be something very special.


A true icon amongst the overburdened online world of synthesizer aficionados, Hainbach crosses time and space in pursuit of unique and unusual machines – conjuring forth sounds both time-worn and yet strangely familiar.. A master of the magnetic world, it’s rumored he can control a Naga tape machine using only soft spoken tones and subtle hand movements, Jedi style. 

Surrounding Hainbach is a whirling sonic universe, combining Musique Concrete composition with saturated percussive flutters, melancholic poly-warble and rich analog melodies. This deep tapestry of sound bursts forth from any manner of hardware, it could be mis-used ancient laboratory equipment or the esoteric wooden creations of Ciat Lonbarde, a honed and toned eurorack system, precision engineered emulation software or an Italian 70s synth you’ve never heard of. It’s this time-traveling and open minded approach to machinery that solidifies Hainbach’s position as a unique voice in the world of contemporary electronic music.


If going on a journey through sound is your goal, then you’d be hard pressed to find a better guide than performer, composer and sound artist Loula Yorke. Her monthly mixtapes are a personal favourite at Machina HQ,  interweaving rich field recordings with drifting modular musing. This creates a microscopic view into the lines between nature and civilisation and the micro-soundscapes that exist within our homes, our streets and the fields that surround our cities.

An accomplished producer and performer, there are hints to the halcyon days of rave within her award winning compositions – melodies arc and interpolate like murmurations and snippets of voice skitter through dense layers of harmonics. It’s not all beauty and light though, Loula’s earlier releases and the Oram Awards winning ‘Atari Punk Girls’ project peel back the quantisation and reveal the bubbling, boggy chaos beneath from which all beautiful things grow.


50% time traveling exoplanetary mage, 50% punk-tronic DIY pirate and 100% tripped out – there’s only one Paddy Steer. 

Dressed in the traditional garb of his home planet, he sits at the controls of a staggering array of custom synth designs, haphazard towers of hand painted synthesizers and sequencers recalling the glory days of psychedelic synth pioneers. 

Doing auditory donuts in the sonic space between krautrock and the Arkestra, electroclash, synth pop and the whimsical early electronics of Jean-Jacques Perrey. A treat for the ears and (third) eyes alike, strap your in, don your helmet and get ready to warp into the alien realms..


With one foot in heady, swirling bass and the other firmly rooted in sharp, slicing techno Thomas Ridley is a (not so) secret weapon amongst Bristol’s underground electronic scene. Released on GOTO and Sine Language Records, his productions solidly echo the live experience with tenderly layered textures, rolling percussion, sparse cavernous reverbs and body-thudding sub punch. 

Although drawing from a winding path of influences and production styles, Thomas squishes these all down to a tightly honed live setup, focussing on both performance and improvisation. Catch him kicking off the live stage on Saturday with a special exploration into the deep and dubby machine world.


Light as a feather and just as soft, Hinako Omori’s delicate compositions tie together silken strands of hazy ambience, binaural field recordings and precision synth work – all dangling from a baroque harmonic framework. With two records for London experimentalist label Houndstooth in her sails, Hinako journeys deeper into the ocean of performance with her keyboards, pedals and processors as shipmates. Her tender approach to sound is also reflected in installations and commissions for Radio 3, The Serpentine Gallery, soundtrack works and radio broadcasts. 

Her solo performances have graced The National Gallery, ICA and Barbican alongside extensive touring in the US, Japan and EU as both a solo artist and keys maestro for Floating Points, Kae Tempest, BBC Concert Orchestra and Shabaka Hutchings. Turn up, lay down and lose yourself in the soothing synthesized sounds..

Pull up a bench outside the Machina Bristronica warehouse where you can find the DivKid Stage with everyone’s favourite modular aficionado, gear reviewer and all-round top bloke DivKid. He’ll be hosting interviews with top designers from across the synthesizer galaxy all weekend!

Serious knowledge to be found here, deep dives on the design process and maybe a few cheeky exclusives from this stellar lineup… 

// The Escher Music Connection Showcase sees DJ legend’s (to be announced) playing a 2 hour DJ set of tunes made by Escher Music Connection group members – a monthly producers meet up and listening session run by Elevator Sound. The showcase is running from 19:00 – 21:00

You’ll also find the majority of food/drinks traders outside with plenty of seating so you can take a load off while soaking up the chat.
And if thats not enough the Saffron Music crew are on the decks between the Divkid interviews all day Saturday with We All Play Synth & Bleep Klub hosting those Sunday slots.

Stage Times: Sat 11:00 – 22:00 / Sun 11:30 – 19:00

This year’s afterparty will be on Saturday 12th from 22:30 – late. Kicking off just after the main day time event finishes, ready to unwind and let loose after a day of synth tweaking and learning. Line-up and ticket release to come!

We highly recommend purchasing your tickets before the event as we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available on the day.


Emotional Synthesis: The Art of Romantic Engineering

Mylar Melodies sits down with the enigmatic Vlad Kreimer of Soma Laboratory, the mind behind unique and esoteric hardware designs such as the Lyra 8, Pulsar 23, Cosmos, Enner and more. They’ll be taking a step back from the technical talk of op-amps and vactrols and examine the art and philosophy of synth engineering. An in depth discussion on the relationships between technology, society and the psyche; the process of design and how the culmination of many unconscious qualities can help us to channel new inspirations through chip and circuit.

More Than Machines with Imogen Heap, Kai Campos, Hazel Mills & Kim Bjorn hosted by Gaz Williams.

With special guest panelists and keepers of the breaks and bass:
Imogen Heap Music tech pioneer, sonic artist, producer, award winning composer and 2x GRAMMY award winner.
Kai Campos:DJ, producer and one half famed post-dubstep production/live duo Mount Kimbie (Warp Records).
Kim Bjørn Performer, producer and BJOOKS author of hardware tomes Patch & Tweak, Push Turn Move, Synth Gems, Pedal Crush.
Hazel Mills Touring musician, songwriter and synthesist involved with Goldfrapp, Florence & the Machine, The Moog Ensemble, Hannah Peel & plenty more.

The journey into making electronic music is never direct. The ever expanding pool of synths and equipment makes discovering the tools that best channel your creative vision often one of trial and error. In this discussion a collection of notable artists and experts share stories of the gear that has helped inspire them over the years.

From earliest introductions, to the forefront of modern music technology their collected insight is sure to shed some light on what makes a machine more than the sum of its parts. 

PAST & PRESENT OF THE “UK SOUND” with No Nation, Medis, Borai & Jabru hosted by Joe Muggs.

With special guest panelists and keepers of the breaks and bass:
Borai (Club Glow, Higher Level Recordings, Hardcore Energy)
Medis (Almost Nice, Saffron, 1985)
No Nation (Banoffee Pies, Big BPM Crew, Diffrent Music)
Jabru (!K7, Ninja Tune, Purple City, Losing Suki)

The UK has always done things differently. The many people from across the globe who’ve made these isles their home have nurtured a distinct sonic identity and kept people dancing across decades. But exactly how did we get here? Where are things headed? A panel of producers spanning the breadth of UK bass music come together to discuss the UK Sound; what it means to them, and where to take it next.

Hosted by author and music journalist Joe Muggs (Bass, Mids, Tops: An Oral History of Sound System Culture, FACT, The Wire, Mixmag)

On The Circuit with Erica Synths, Tinrs, Music Thing Modular & Beepboop Electronics.

Hosted by Finlay Shakespeare / Future Sound Systems

With special guest panelists and solderlords,
Ģirts Ozoliņš / Erica Synths
Monojack / Beepboop Electronics
Stijn Haring-Kuipers / This is Not Rocket Science
Tom Whitwell / Music Thing Modular

Synth makers of different skills sit down to discuss their work, from where they started, key inspiration and influences, to the challenges facing designers today and what their hopes are for the future making the machines we love.

Shifting Industries with Shall Not Fade, Ec2a & Pressure Dome.

Hosted by Nick Harris / A Sagittariun

With special guest panelists,
Kieran Williams/Shall Not Fade
Yushh/Pressure Dome
Dr Dubplate/ec2a

In an increasingly democratising industry the relationship between artist and label is harder to define than ever before. What does this mean for the future of releasing music? In this talk a panel of those behind some of the UK electronic music’s most forward thinking labels will discuss where they see the industry heading, sharing experiences and advice for both those looking to start a label and artists looking to release through one.


In this video Jose from Vostok Instruments joins Ben to discuss his origins, getting into Eurorack personally, building up the company and modules before getting into his latest module Atlas. There’s a lot of filter love, design chat and sound demos.


In this video Joran discusses his history, birth, design philosophy and Joranalogue modular range while Boris gives us a banging hit of analog modular techno to round things off.